Why the ingredients in Paleo Bread are allowed on the Paleo Diet

Basics of the Paleolithic diet can be summed up easily: keep it real and keep it simple; eat lots of produce, eat foods low on the glycemic scale, and eat foods that would exist with or without us being here to alter them from their natural state.   The Paleo Diet is special because it does not encourage or allow food additives.  So many specialty diet foods and beverages out there contain a wide variety of unpronounceable, harmful ingredients that are used so those who are on a diet can have something that tastes good without the sugar or the calories.  But why consume foods that may be doing you well in one category (staying slim) but creating another host of problems long-term (body and mind-altering chemicals)?  Finding a diet that encourages healthy, pure, low calorie foods without compromising on taste is the ultimate way to not just create a diet plan that works for you and your wellbeing, but creating a lifestyle that you can stick to forever. 

Julian Bakery has formulated a product, The Paleo Bread, special for those who subscribe to the Paleo diet.  Though the bread is great for anyone who watches their health and weight, The Paleo Bread sticks strictly to ingredients on the ‘allowed’ list of foods on the Paleo diet.  No oil is used in The Paleo Bread because, alth0ugh certain oils are allowed on the Paleo Diet, we feel it’s better to save those calories and fat content for other foods you consume throughout the day when our bread is still great without it.  Grains are on the list of foods ‘not allowed’ on the Paleo Diet, which is why we have used almond flour as a substitution.  Almond flour also provides added taste benefits since most flours are virtually tasteless; almond flour has (naturally), a nutty, earthy flavor to it.  Nut flours are a great way to still enjoy baked goods while sticking to the Paleo diet.  The hunters and gatherers could find themselves nuts and coconuts, which is why we used them! 

Fluctuating insulin levels wreak havoc on our bodies and create a host of health problems, most common ones being diabetes, low immunity, weight gain, and depression.  The Paleo Bread will not allow your insulin levels to fluctuate like that!  You will notice the feelings of satiety that stick with you throughout the day on The Paleo Diet and when incorporating The Paleo Bread.  The low glycemic index of our products keep you feeling full longer making it easy to not overeat or reach for snacks like when a sugar crash hits.

The ingredients used in The Paleo Bread almond variety conforming to the allowed ingredients on the Paleo diet are:  Purified water, blanched almond flour, egg whites, psyllium, organic apple cider vinegar, and baking soda.  Ingredients used in The Paleo Bread coconut variety are:  Purified water, organic coconut flour, egg whites, psyllium, organic apple cider vinegar, baking soda. 

Keep enjoying the foods you love while enjoying your health and the body you love too! 

Photo by: elanaspantry.com