Why eating The Paleo Bread doesn’t make you puffy (referring to carb puffiness)

The Paleo Bread is not only great because it is low in calories and is gluten free, but there is no ‘carb aftermath’ from consuming one of our favorite foods.  Bread usually equals bloat, but that is not the case with The Paleo Bread.  Since The Paleo Bread was formulated to meet the guidelines of the Paleo Diet and other low carb diets, it beats the bloat too.  You will not find yourself feeling puffy after enjoying this bread.

 Many carbohydrates contain various ingredients that contribute to water retention giving us that ‘puffy’ feeling.  When we retain water, we pack on extra pounds.  It may not be real weight (as in fat), but it does not make us feel good or necessarily allow us to fit in our pants as nicely as we would without it.  It is pretty uncomfortable too! There is no need to feel that way when we can choose foods that make it possible to feel and look lean. 

Carbohydrates often are on the higher end of the glycemic index which means it spikes our insulin levels.  When our insulin levels spike, it causes the body to retain more sodium because our kidneys are retaining more fluid.  Our body stores more glycogen, a sugar from the carbohydrates, which in most cases we do not ending up burning leaving us with excess fluid.  That is where the puffy feeling and all the bloat comes from! 

Keeping on track and sticking to a low carbohydrate diet and incorporating The Paleo Bread will help to beat the bloat. The Paleo Bread contains minimal, natural ingredients, where your body will not have all the possible adverse reactions and are much easier to digest.