Turkey Plum and Basil Paleo Sandwich

It’s baby food making day!  I make all my paleo baby’s food at home and today I’m making his protein meals.  I typically just combine a lean protein, something that will give it a smooth consistency like sweet potatoes and something that will give it some flavor like onion.  Then I puree everything together, once it’s cooked I spoon it into ice cube trays, freeze them and pop them out into a Ziploc bag and I am set for at least a week!  It’s really easy for me to do, great for my baby and cost effective!  I’ll admit though, if I weren’t a stay at home Mama, I may not make my own food but if you have even a half hour of time to carve out, do you and your little one a favor and make your own food.

I am convinced that even the most “organic” and “all natural” baby foods are DISGUSTING!  I try everything.  I’ll even try the ones that look like they should belong in a kitty food can and most of them are gross to me.  The reason I say gross is not because they are uneatable, although some are, but because they taste like a muted version of their fresh counterparts, it just robs all those fruits and vegetables of all their natural beauty, their flavor!  

I have home made some of the baby food combinations I read on squeezy pouches and jars and my version tastes like exactly what is in it, fresh and inviting.  So whenever possible, I try to make all my paleo baby’s food so that he can experience these incredible fruits and vegetables the way they are supposed to be.  I think having a baby taste them in the natural form will help them to love and recognize them once they start eating them in their raw form and will create forever healthy and thriving eating habits.  

In the midst of making my paleo baby’s food, it’s always nice when I can pull a little lunch out of the ingredients so I made this fresh and fruity sandwich which I was shockingly in love with at first bite!  The combination of turkey which is light, plums which give the sandwich a tart, moist and sweetness to it and then the basil to really seal it with this earthy freshness; like it was made in a garden and hand delivered to you!


Serves 1


1-2 turkey breast cutlets, organic-free range (depending on size)

½ small avocado, mashed

dash of garlic powder, salt and pepper

½ plum, sliced thin

couple basil leaves

Julian Bakery Almond Paleo bread



  1. Cook the turkey cutlets over medium high heat for about 4 minutes each side or until cooked throughout and set aside

  2. Combine the avocado, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix thoroughly and then smear on bread

  3. Layer the turkey on the bread, plum and basil and bread and ENJOY!

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