The advantages of eating grain free bread

When we think of healthy bread, typically we think “whole grain”.  This is a common misconception; whole grain does not equal whole health.  Not only are the grains themselves more difficult and problematic for our bodies to break down and digest, but the quantities to which they’re incorporated into so many meals and diets pose problems too from an total consumption standpoint.

Unlike what the food pyramid suggests, grains are not necessarily a staple in our diet.  Many, many people who have cut them out completely say they have never felt better!  Those who have tried it often find the extra pounds are easily shed once they have eliminated grains, whole or not, from their diets.  Omitting grains from your diet should not be thought of as deprivation.  Do you feel deprived when you feel better?  That’s not depriving, that’s supplying!  You’re supplying yourself with more energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and nourishment. 

Unfortunately, many bread manufacturers label their foods incorrectly.  You may find “Whole Grain” written on it, but adding only a negligible amount of whole grains in the recipe does not qualify an entire loaf to be labeled as such.  “Multigrain” is another commonly misused term.  Often times you are not actually getting what you signed up for, and even when you are, the advantages are not striking when consuming a diet rich in whole foods that come straight from the ground, trees, and can be caught or picked.  Our “bread” contains ingredients containing just that; a few natural ingredients without all the preservatives, sodium, or carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are best found from fruits and vegetables anyway.

Grains contain carbohydrates, many of which are ‘empty’ calories.  Empty calories are those that have a negligible amount of nutritional benefits yet a significant amount of calories.  If you’re going to have calories, it’s best to save them for foods that are also nourishing your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals at the same time.  The more nutrition dense our diet, the better we feel, the better our body functions, and the less we are craving food because our body is not starving for nutrients.

Most grains have a high glycemic index and contain a high level of pesticides.  Grains also contain phytic acid, found in the bran of all grains, is a mineral blocker that prevents the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.  Mineral deficiency is associated with a host of conditions including hormone imbalance, anemia, and tooth decay.

Intestinal health is critical to our entire wellbeing.  When the gut is not healthy, we are unable to absorb the nutrients properly from our foods.  The term “leaky gut” is the condition that is the result of consuming foods we are unable to digest properly.  Our bodies have to work harder to digest most grains.  Many of us can handle or tolerate grains does not mean that they are breaking down optimally in our system. 

Diets that are “anti-inflammatory” or all the buzz on turmeric have been popular for a good reason; chronic inflammation has been linked to a myriad of diseases from heart disease to arthritis, as well as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.  Grains are known to cause inflammation due to their starch content and their inability to efficiently be processed in our intestines.  People who have suffered from Crohn’s Disease (a disease that causes inflammation or swelling in any part of the digestive tract), along with other illnesses that effect the digestive system, and have gone on a grain free diet have actually cured themselves of the inflammation and pain. 

The advantages to eating a grain free diet, and enjoying The Paleo Bread  as the perfect substitute, can leave you feeling more energetic and less weighed down while keeping your body functioning at its best.

Photo by: Michael Hamann

  • Jamie Marie Koonce

    Thanks so much for creating The Paleo Bread and spreading the word about grains. When I deleted grains from my diet nearly ten years ago, I stopped suffering from asthma, seasonal allergies, and migraine headaches. Life has been so much easier since then!

    • Ask Leah Renee

      That’s amazing, Jamie!!! Congrats on conquering the conditions you were suffering from. Diet has SUCH a huge impact on how we feel. Paleo Bread is awesome because it really does fit into just about any type of diet!

  • Elouise Laster

    Is it in any health food stores?

  • Hope

    Can either of these paleo breads be frozen?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, Paleo bread freezes great for 4+ Months!!