Primal Banana Almond Paleo Bread Smoothie!

Good morning!!!  I’m Dan from Primal4Life showing you how I made a delicious smoothie!  Yes, with Julian Bakery Paleo Bread!!  I used to eat oatmeal years ago, thinking it was the healthy thing to do, and eventually when smoothies were “the thing to drink”, I was making oatmeal smoothies!  Yet, I couldn’t figure out why those extra pounds wouldn’t disappear.  Or why I felt so bloated after consuming one of these.  Maybe it was the GMO oats, or the insulin spike, or the sugar!!  Well, today’s smoothie?  Not so much…  I decided to replace the oats with almond Paleo Bread in my blender, along with some other tasty ingredients, to come up with an awesome breakfast drink!


• 1-2 slices of Paleo Bread™ – Almond

• 1 Banana

• 1 cup Hemp Milk

• Sprinkle of cinnamon

• ¼ cup ground flax-seeds

• 1 heaping Tablespoon Almond Butter

• Handful of ice cubes

• 1 Julian Bakery Paleo Macaroon


1)      Toast bread

2)      In blender, insert all ingredients.

3)      When toast is complete, add Paleo Bread™ into blender – crumbling by hand may help your blender

4)      Blend well, add more milk to get desired consistency.

 Prep Time:

• 2 minutes

Cook Time:

• 5 minutes


• 1

 Overall, a very simple meal to make!  Toast your Paleo Bread, add it to your blender with milk, cinnamon, a banana, ground flax-seeds, almond butter and a handful of ice cubes, and spin away!  This was just the beginning of Paleo Bread smoothies for me, and I cannot wait to create more incredible combos!!  From the first sip, I knew this was something that just about everyone will enjoy, and not feel guilty for consuming.  I also topped this drink with a Julian Bakery Paleo Macaroon, after a couple minutes it was covered with almond bliss, which added to my morning delight.  And for those who aren’t in the know, both the Paleo Bread as well as the Coconut Macaroons and be purchased online at !!  Delivered fresh to your door!!!

I truly enjoyed making this grain-free drink for you, and I look forward to the next healthy adventure with Julian Bakery Paleo Bread




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