Paleo Zero Carb Rice Scramble with Paleo Bread™

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Paleo Rice scramble with Olive and Tomato and side of Paleo Bread.”   This meal is not only featuring the awesome Paleo Bread but also two other ingredients in which you can purchase through Julian Bakery; The zero calorie Miracle Rice (Paleo Rice) and the flavorful Paleo Powder!  I really am thrilled with all of these delicious and healthy products that Julian Bakery is putting out, through their Paleo line-up….  I just can’t get enough!  So today, I’m making scrambled eggs, but with some of that super healthy Miracle Rice, some tomatoes, kalamata olives, a dash of the Paleo Powder to spice things up, and some sea salt… And since I can’t resist; coconut Paleo Bread with some butter from grass-fed cows… YUM!!  This is a very satisfying meal, low in calories, packed with nutrition, no GMO’s, no soy, no gluten, and just flat out good for you! 


• 1 slice Paleo Bread™

• Grass-fed butter

• 2 eggs

• 1 serving Miracle Rice

• ¼ cup chopped tomato

• 1/8 cup chopped kalamata olives

• Sea salt to taste

Paleo Powder


1)      Cook Paleo Bread™ in toaster oven

2)      Wash/Rinse Miracle Rice (AKA Paleo Rice)

3)      Boil Miracle Rice for one minute

4)      Cook eggs in frying pan and start to scramble

5)      Add in Miracle Rice, olives and tomatoes

6)      Add a few dashes of Paleo Powder

7)      Add sea salt to taste and plate

8)      Add butter to toast, and serve

Prep Time:

• 3 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes


• 1

Quite a variation of flavors in this dish!!  I love it…. From the kick in the Paleo Powder, to the flavor of the olives and tomatoes… and then a bite of that buttered coconut Paleo Bread!   This made my morning!  And the guilt-free Miracle Rice that tastes great and fills you up, what’s not to love?  This meal is packed with nutrition, and avoids the dangerous soy, gluten, grains and even GMO’s!  I just wish I made two slices of bread, as I love to take a bite of the egg and bread together….  Next time!!!

Remember that three of the ingredients can be bought at Julian Bakery!  They offer a wide assortment of ingredients, cook books, and much more on the way as they are growing rapidly to accommodate our Paleo needs.   You can find these items here, at

Please have a great day, and let me know if you try this recipe… I hope you enjoy it!



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