Paleo Turkey Egg & Veggy Club On Paleo Bread

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Turkey Egg & Veggy Club.”  This was not for the faint of heart…  Some people crave large quantities of food, and some people want to eat healthy.  Today I decided to choose both, opting for large quantities of healthy food.  The triple-decker, also known as the “Club”, came to mind when I woke up extra hungry this morning…  I envisioned eggs, organic turkey patties, some raw cheese, and greens layered into the mix…  And I made it happen by starting off with Julian Bakery’s almond Paleo Bread!  Since it is made with all natural ingredients, it’s no wonder why I always reach for Paleo Bread™.  And since its gluten and grain free, GMO-Free, and also low in carbs and calories, that’s to my advantage!  I’m able to enjoy that much more and I won’t have to feel so stuffed, along with staving off any possible auto-immune issues.  Yes, I do suffer from something called “Leaky Gut”.   If I eat non-organic foods, grains, gluten, I get itchy and achy, and feel lethargic.  But thanks to Paleo Bread™ I can enjoy bread once again, and I do not have to worry about how my body will react in the next few hours.   What a relief it is!!!   Along with the auto-immune compliant Paleo Bread™, let’s see how the other ingredients fall into place, shall we?


• 3 slices Paleo Bread™

• 2 organic nitrate free Turkey Patties

• 2 eggs

• ½ avocado

• ½ cup escarole

• Grass-fed butter

• Salt & Pepper to taste


1)      Cook turkey patties, I prefer to cook them in a pan with water to retain moisture.

2)      Cook Paleo Bread™ to your liking, I decided to use my toaster oven today.

3)      Cook escarole with your eggs, with some grass fed butter.

4)      When Paleo Bread™ is complete, add some raw cheese and allow melting to begin.

5)      When bread is ready, add eggs, and turkey patties.

6)      Smother avocado on bread as well, I left one slice completely bare to be the center-slice.

7)      Assemble, add salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy!

 Prep Time:

• 3 minutes

Cook Time:

• 12


• 1-2

While I mentioned the great aspects of the almond Paleo Bread™, I wanted to keep those positive traits going with the other ingredients…  I decided to use nitrate-free organic turkey patties, some raw cheese, escarole, locally farmed eggs, and half of an avocado.  This sandwich may be large, but it also is packed with a wide variety of nutrition.  And if this beast is too much to handle, go ahead and share it with someone…  Most likely you will change their day for the better; just be prepared for comments like “You had me at Paleo Bread” or “Paleo Bread completes me.”  So dig in, don’t be shy, and enjoy the ride. 

Paleo Bread is available through Julian Bakery which sells through their La Jolla location in California, or online.  Great products which help promote a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet…  Check out their wide range of great tasting products at

Till the next time….  This is Dan from Primal4Life



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