Paleo Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

”Paleo Soft Shell Crab Sandwich.”  I love when I make my stop at the local fish market, sourcing some of the best seafood around to go with the best Paleo items around that I get from Julian Bakery!  Today’s score:  Soft Shell Crab…. I’ve honestly never had it or made it before, but I’m always open to new things.  And when I heard that you can literally eat the shell and claws, I have to admit that I was intrigued.  When looking online for recipes, all I could find was recipes stating to coat the crab with flour, but since we’re Paleo and your typical flours are out, I considered using some of my Coconut Secret – Organic Coconut Flour.   But what’s the need for the flour?  Let’s do it up flourless, and see how it comes out, right??  Right!!!

I start my pan off with a couple teaspoons of the Lemon Herb Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil which is one of my favorite items that we picked up from Julian Bakery.  Well, all three of them, flavors that is… Original and Garlic are the other versions, and they are all tasty and simplify your prepping and cooking.  Not to mention its non-GMO and organic, which is par for the course with just about anything in the Paleo part of Julian Bakery.  Once the frying pan is warmed up, I add my washed soft shell crab to the pan, which I previously sprinkled with some delicious Paleo Powder, another one of my go to items from Julian Bakery.  It is very tasty, and also MSG and gluten free, made with chili Powder, pepper blend, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin.  It’s the perfect seasoning, and it’s perfect for our crab sandwich!  After just three minutes, I flip the crab, and allow another three minutes to pass.  Meanwhile my Coconut Paleo Bread is toasting up just right in my toaster oven.  Paleo Bread is the only bread that I consume with my Leaky Gut, and although it is healing and I’m heading in the right direction, I wouldn’t dare stray to another brand of bread.  The combination that Julian Bakery has going on with their Paleo Bread is perfect and doesn’t bother me one bit!  Its gluten free, grain free, GMO and soy free, as well as being low in calories and having only one net carb.  That’s all important to me, especially now that I’m trying to stay in ketosis; one net carb is sooooo worth it! 


• Soft Shell Crab

• 2 tsp Lemon Herb Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil

Paleo Powder to sprinkle crab

• Sea salt and black pepper to taste

• 1 tsp horseradish

• 2 slices Coconut Paleo Bread

• 1 clove Garlic

• 1 cup baby spinach


1)      Wash crab, and pat dry

2)      Sprinkle Paleo Powder on crab

3)      Melt coconut oil in frying pan

4)      Cook crab in coconut oil for three minutes, then flip for another three minutes

5)      Toast Paleo Bread

6)      Put spinach in frying pan towards the end to sauté

7)      Add sea salt and black pepper to taste.

8)      When toast is complete, add horseradish and garlic

9)      Add soft shell crab and spinach when done, and enjoy!

 Prep Time:

• 4 minutes

Cook Time:

• 8 minutes


• 1

I could go for another one, but after this I was tempted with some Paleo Macaroons, some Coconut Manna, and some celery with Paleo MeeNut Butter.  Yeah, snacking, but it’s all good, healthy Paleo stuff!  The crab was very delicious and tender, and I can’t believe I waited thirty-seven years to try one!  But I’m glad I waited to have it the way I made it, just the right spice from the Paleo Powder, especially combined with the horseradish… and in between my favorite toasted bread – Coconut Paleo Bread!

Thanks for checking out this food blog, using some of Julian Bakery’s finest.  I hope you enjoyed it, and make sure you check out for the hottest in Paleo.  Have a great day!!!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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