Italian Paleo Pork Burger On Paleo Bread

Three great words here; Italian, pork and burger…yum yum yum!  I love finding new ways to use meat that I always have at home.  Pork sausage is extremely tasty and you can do SO much with it!  For dinner one night I made lettuce wraps and crumbled pork and had some leftover pork and saved it for the next days lunch.  I didn’t know what I was going to make until I was starring into my fridge and saw some leftover marinara sauce and basil and *bling* light bulb! 

I call this the recreation station.  Not because I have a station of any sorts but because it sounds fun and I like to recreate things into something else.  I love a good burger and have typically made them using ground beef or turkey only and then I like to throw in different ingredients into the patty. 

As much as I like burgers and as often as I eat them, I can get sick of them pretty fast.  I mean there are probably a million different combinations you can do but its more the meat that tire of.  So when I thought of making a ground pork burger, my mouth was salivating immediately.  Now that I think of it, I have NEVER seen a pork burger on even the most creative burger menu out there and I have seen some crazy burger meats!  I think I’m on to something… 

You can throw in or on any “Italian” ingredient you want but I kept my burger pretty simple using marinara and basil and that’s all it needed in my opinion…delicious! 

Serves 1 (double ingredients for more)


½ c. ground pork, taken out of casing

Nuco Organic Original Coconut Oil (Liquid)

¼ c. marinara sauce, paleo friendly

Basil leaves

Julian Bakery Almond Paleo bread, toasted


  1. Form a patty out of the pork and cook on a oil sprayed pan over medium high heat for about 5 minutes each side or until cooked throughout
  2. Place some basil on a slice of bread, layer on the pork patty, marinara and basil and ENJOY!


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