Paleo Ham and Egg Breakfast Roll Ups

 I think I have a horrible condition where I eat something so insanely often that I get sick of it for months and sometimes years; first it was eggs.  Every morning for years as a teenager I ate scrambled eggs and then one morning I just quit!  No eggs for years, couldn’t even stand a bite!  So what do I do for breakfast then?  I switch to oatmeal and wore myself out on that after a couple years.  Then I moved on to fruit for breakfast but inevitably ended up back with oatmeal.

 When I started eating paleo, I ate eggs like I had never seen them before; I put them in everything as well too.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Within 4 months I was sick of them and I had become really creative making them in all sorts of ways even.  So I just got back together with eggs and oh how I missed them.

 That’s where this idea came along!  Instead of putting ham in my eggs I thought why don’t I put the eggs in the ham?  (A proud little light bulb glowing above my head)  Oh man it’s so good! 

 You can put any types of veggies and herbs in the egg scramble; I put diced red bell pepper, spinach and avocado in mine and toped it with a piece of bell pepper for a fresh and crunchy bite.  Eat them in a rollup or put them on a slice of bread, either way it makes for a creative start to your day!

 Serves 2


 1 tsp. organic nuco liquid coconut oil

 4 eggs

 ¼ c. diced bell pepper and 4 slices of bell pepper

 ½ c. fresh spinach

 4 slices of ham

 avocado, sliced

 Julian Bakery Coconut Paleo bread, toasted



  • Beat eggs in a small bowl
  • Heat coconut oil on medium heat in a large pan and add the eggs and sprinkle in the veggies
  • Meanwhile, heat the sliced ham in a pan over medium heat until warm
  • Once eggs are cooked, divide into the slices of ham and top with avocado and roll up.  Top with a slice of red pepper (or other veggie) and place on top of Julian Bakery Paleo bread and ENJOY!

By: Paleo Princess

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