Paleo Cereal Made From Paleo Bread™

Yes, you can have Paleo Cereal on the Paleo Diet. When I was a kid, if we ran out of cereal, my parents would take white bread, break it up, throw it in a bowl with milk and sprinkle some sugar on it. I swear it was the bomb!!!!!! I loved how the bread would soak up the milk, maybe this is why I hated Cap’n Crunch battling off the evil “Soggies” who attempted to “sog out” the taste of his cereal. So this morning I decided to recreate that meal but with healthier ingredients, like Paleo Bread™ and shredded coconut instead of white bread and sugar. It wasn’t the same, but it was good!!!

How to make Paleo Cereal happen:

Toast Paleo Bread™ (I used two slices of the coconut version) 1/2 way… when warm, put coconut oil on bread and sprinkle shredded coconut and ground flaxseed, and then cinnamon. Toast some more…. I had to do this to each side since I use a toaster oven.

When done, break up Paleo Bread™ into a bowl. I added walnuts, chia seeds, strawberries, a 1/4 cup shredded coconut, and 1/4 cup ground flaxseeds, and then I filled up the bowl with hemp milk and add some more cinnamon. 

By: Primal4life

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  • Julie Wheeler

    sure sounds good I’ll try as soon as I can get the bread.