Paleo Bread With Bacon Eggs & Cabbage

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Bacon Egg & Cabbage.”  Today’s first meal of choice, for my wife, was based on a recipe from the cook book “Make It Paleo”.  We picked up this incredibly packed cook-book from Julian Bakery a few weeks ago, and ever since we have been cooking up a Paleo-storm!!  Rachel picked this meal out, but decided to make a slight change up and an addition due to inventory issues…. Since we did not have beef bacon, we substituted in some regular bacon; although it was nitrate-free and organic bacon.  And the healthy addition is a side of almond Paleo Bread with some organic sunflower butter.  Rachel started off sautéing some Napa cabbage in a frying pan with coconut oil… Then, she began to reheat our bacon.  We tend to make bacon all in one shot, and that allows us to quickly turn around bacon on the fly with a simple warm-up session.  Next up, the eggs go on, she’s shooting for over medium today.  And then the Paleo Bread gets placed in the toaster oven.  Now the waiting begins….


• 1 slice almond Paleo Bread™

• 1 teaspoon Coconut oil

• 2 eggs

• 3 strips of Bacon

• 1 cup Napa cabbage

• 1 tablespoon Sunflower butter

• Sea salt and pepper to taste


1)      Heat 1 teaspoon bacon in frying pan

2)      Saute Napa cabbage until soft and a bit crispy

3)      Season with salt and pepper and remove from heat

4)      Add Paleo Bread™ to toaster oven

5)      Warm bacon on large frying pan and crack eggs onto pan as well

6)      Cook eggs to your liking

7)      When toast is done, spread sunflower butter onto it

8)      Remove bacon and eggs from pan and plate with the cabbage

Prep Time:

• 10 minutes

Cook Time:

• 15 minutes


• 1

Rachel loved this breakfast, and it is loaded with nutrients, healthy fats, protein, and most of all good flavor and taste!  Thanks to Julian Bakery, who provides a delicious and yet healthy slice of bread, Rachel was able to tack on some added nutrition to this meal.  And thanks to “Make It Paleo”, which also came from Julian Bakery, Rachel was able to enjoy something new and yet easy to read as well as put together!  The book is packed with a ton of great recipes, and the Paleo Bread is also packed with a ton of great ingredients and nutrition; from egg whites to blanched almonds, to purified water and even apple cider vinegar… Paleo Bread is all about nutrition and flavor, yet they were caring enough to make it without GMO’s, grains, gluten, and dairy. 

If you haven’t tried Paleo Bread yet, why not give it a shot?  It’s easy to order online, and so are all of their other great Paleo products.  Grab a cook-book, order up some Mustang Bar’s, and make sure you buy some Nutiva Coconut Manna as well!!  Just go to

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day….



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