Paleo Bread™ Low Carb Egg and Spinach Gluten Free Sandwich

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The options are endless incorporating Paleo Bread into your diet.  There are so many tasty food combinations to choose from when making sandwiches out of both Paleo Bread – Coconut, and Paleo Bread – Almond.  Below is a picture of an open-face breakfast sandwich I made which left me feeling charged and energetic throughout the day.  The combination of protein, fiber, fats, and a little carbohydrates makes it a perfect meal to begin a busy day.  This breakfast sandwich is a far cry from anything you could ever pick up from a fast food restaurant, or even at a regular one for that matter.   The secret ingredient here is the type of bread you’re using.  In a league of its own, Paleo Bread fits into low carb, gluten free, diabetic friendly, and many many other diets out there.  Low in calories, high in protein and fiber keeping you sustained until the next meal.  No need for snacking in between when you fuel up this way!  This portion is perfect for the ladies, men may want to make two of these, depending on your activity levels, or the other with just egg whites.


1 Slice of Paleo Bread – Almond or Coconut

2 Organic Eggs

1 Cup Organic Spinach

1 Sliced Roma Tomato

1 Slice of Avocado

Coconut Oil

Herb – your choice.   I sprinkled some garlic powder and basil on mine!


Lightly spread just enough coconut oil to coat the pan, and toss in the spinach.  Stir occasionally until wilted, on medium heat.  Once wilted, set aside on a paper towel (this will help soak up some of the water naturally found in spinach from making your breakfast sandwich soggy).  Break one egg and then the other into the pan (add more coconut oil if needed so it doesn’t stick), and pan fry to your liking.   Mine are cooked over-hard.  Spread some avocado onto the slice of Almond or Coconut Paleo Bread, sprinkle on your choice of herbs and spices, add on the spinach, egg, and tomato, and voila!  You have one tasty, nutrient packed breakfast!

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    which of the breads was used in this recipe? (from the picture)

    • Julian Bakery

      Paleo Coconut Bread -

  • Missy

    This looks delicious!!

  • Sigrid Collazo-Norfleet

    I’m about to order two of the coconut and one of the almond paleo breads!