Paleo Bread™ Almond -Why we use Blanched Almonds In our Paleo Bread

Are blanched almonds really any better than almonds with the skin left on?  At Julian Bakery, there is a reason why we have chosen blanched almonds in our Paleo Bread.  The skin of almonds, and other whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes, contain phytic acid, a compound that can hinder mineral absorption like iron and zinc.

 When almonds are soaked, it increases the amount of nutrients and vitamins our body can absorb from the food we eat.  Soaking almonds will easily remove the skin, getting rid of the phytic acid.  It is very important we reap all the benefits we can from the food we eat.  Paleo Bread – Almond allows you to enjoy the delicious almond taste, along with all the reasons we should eat them, without any harmful effects or mal-absorption.  On the Paleo Diet, the consumption of nuts and seeds are far greater than many other diets. It is so important to maintain your health which is why Almond Paleo Bread contains blanched almonds, where the skin is removed.  The phytic acid, found on the skin, can combine with zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium, which is when the absorption is blocked.  In order to insure consumers of Paleo Bread – Almond, are not effected by this, our formula will continue to use blanched almonds to reap the most benefits.

 Paleo Bread – Almond, will keep your intestinal tract healthy unlike possible inflammatory affects like that of the white flour varieties we often find on the grocery store shelves.  Digestive enzymes that help break down food can be disrupted by phytic acid and lead to nutrient deficiencies and reduce the digestibility of protein.  That’s right—protein!  As a dedicated dieter or health nut (no pun intended), the last thing we want to do is create a barrier between achieving the right amount of protein intake throughout the day and how much we’re actually absorbing.  

 We like knowing our customers are not only enjoying our products, but knowing they will fit in well with just about any diet, food restriction, allergy, or condition.  Keeping our body working effectively and efficiently is of the up most importance and Paleo Bread – Almond will be no exception!  Written By: Leah Forman

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