Helping you achieve the Ideal Physique with Paleo Bread™

In order to achieve and maintain the body you want, nutrition is one of the biggest factors that contribute to reaching those goals.  The Paleo Diet is one diet that helps in losing extra pounds in a healthy way, and The Paleo Bread was created to fit within the guidelines of that diet so dieters could enjoy foods otherwise on the ‘restricted’ foods list making it less likely to want to ‘cheat’ or sidetrack from your weight loss goals and hard work. 

Low carbohydrate diets, like the Paleo Diet, work most effectively when combined with your workout regimen to achieve the body you want.  The Paleo Bread is a great snack to have before or after a workout, or as an accompaniment with your meal.  It is quick, tasty, and will help keep you powered through or satiated after.  The Paleo Bread does not contain any grains which mean it is considered an anti-inflammatory food.  Maintaining a diet containing foods that are anti-inflamatory can help aid muscle recovery and development.  This is an important factor when it comes to your workout, especially that which includes heavy weight lifting.  Remember, the Paleolithic Diet is based around our ancestors in the Stone Age; they were very active people who needed a lot of energy to get them through their daily strenuous activities being hunters and gatherers.

The Paleo Bread is a great addition to your diet in achieving your ideal physique because it is high in fiber, low in carbohydrates, and does not spike your insulin levels like other breads that may leave you hungry again an hour later.  The bread is filling and satisfying which means less cravings and snacking, which ultimately means less calories.  We know the fewer calories in and the more calories out equals weight loss.

Due to its lack of carbs, The Paleo Bread does not give the bloat that you may be familiar with when consuming breads higher in carbohydrates.   There is less glycogen storage because there is little to no sugar, in which case your body is forced to burn more fat for fuel than sugar.  The high protein content aids in keeping your metabolism consistent because of its thermic effect on the body (meaning at rest, you are still burning).

Julian Bakery aims to provide its customers with the best methods in achieving their weight loss and nutrition goals; The Paleo Bread was created for that reason.  We know that finding the right combination of ingredients to satisfy both cravings and dietary restrictions is so important in achieving the results you want and what you have worked so hard to get!  No need to look any further, The Paleo Bread to the rescue!

Photo by: Jennifer Morrow

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