Chocolate Hazelnut Plantain Sandwich On Paleo Bread

Happy Tuesday everyone, this is Dan from once again!  I’m a little bananas today, or should I say “plantain???”  Maybe it’s because one of the key ingredients that went into my lovely dessert of a sandwich is plantain!  The “Chocolate hazelnut, plantain and coconut sandwich.”  It’s very hard to describe this creation without using “words” like “yum”, “oh my” and “mmmmm”.  Perhaps it’s time we invent the scratch and sniff for the internet.  But as you can see by looking at this one, it definitely was “yum!”

I started out by frying up half of a large plantain in coconut oil.  Meanwhile,  Julian Bakery’s almond Paleo Bread is cooking up in my toaster oven.  Once the slices are fully toasted, I spread some hazelnut chocolate on both sides of the bread.  Now please, do not eat it yet!  I know it looks good, but please show some restraint!!  What I use next is a crucial step, and this special ingredient is a staple in my household.  Coconut manna.  It tastes so heavenly, and it melts so nicely.  It almost looks like marshmallow fluff after a short while of being heated up.  Once those ingredients have been laid down, take the sliced plantains from the frying pan and sandwich them dab smack in the middle of the two chocolate hazelnut and coconut layered slices.  Merge the two slices together, and you have one of the richest, tastiest treats around.  You may want to grab a glass of your favorite milk, whether it is hemp, almond, coconut, or raw cow’s, that’s your call….   



  1. Slice ½ plantain into 3 long slices
  2. Place in warm frying pan coated with coconut oil
  3. Toast Paleo Bread
  4. When toasted, layer chocolate hazelnut spread on both slices
  5. Sprinkle Coconut Manna over chocolate hazelnut spread
  6. Remove plantains from frying pan and place on bread, and sandwich together

Prep Time:

  • 2 minutes

Cook Time:

  • 10 minutes


  • 1

This recipe took me back to my childhood, I could still taste the Nutella on Italian bread….  Since going Paleo, that hasn’t been much of an option for me, going gluten-free and all.  But thanks to Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread, I can occasionally enjoy something like this, and I won’t have to suffer the consequences.  In regards to Nutella, if you can get the Italian version from an Italian store – it has “better” ingredients than the U.S. version.  And, it doesn’t taste as sugary.  Justin’s Nut butter has been a recent favorite of mine, the lack of soy is important for me which makes it a hit.  Although the big decision is if you need to use coconut or almond Paleo Bread!  Decisions, decisions….


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