Chicken Veggies and the New Almond Paleo Bread

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Chicken Veggies and the New Almond Paleo Bread.”  Just when you thought you had it made, Julian Bakery takes things to the next level.  I was really enjoying my slice of almond Paleo Bread, and when I heard the newest batches have been including a little coconut flour, I was concerned…. Not just for me, but for you…  Yes, I care.   But I read the label, and noticed less calories which is great for those of you watching your caloric intake.  More healthy fats are a huge bonus as well, as coconut has been shown to be extremely beneficial.  Well what about those of you that aren’t a fan of the taste of coconut?  Well, at first I wondered how that would pan out, but then I realized that even the coconut Paleo Bread does not have a strong taste of coconut…. So I had to give it a whirl before I kept coming to conclusions.  I fired up my toaster oven, and in went the latest and greatest almond Paleo Bread.  A few minutes later, I took my first bite, and I was truly amazed…. Like I previously mentioned, Julian Bakery definitely bumped this awesome loaf to the next level…. It’s softer, doesn’t taste like coconut at all, has a nice texture, and I seem to enjoy it a little more overall!  And with less calories?  How is that possible!?!?!?!


• Olive oil

• 6 cloves garlic – minced

• 1.5 lbs chicken

• ¼ cup Sherry wine

• Juice of 1 lemon

• 1 onion – chopped

• 1 cup mushrooms

• 2 cups string beans

• 1 bunch brocollini

• Sea salt & pepper to taste

• Almond  Paleo Bread

• 2 tsp Paleo Butter

Paleo Powder to sprinkle


1)      Heat large pan with olive oil, and sauté mushrooms and onions until onions are translucent.

2)      Add four cloves minced garlic, lemon juice and sherry wine and chicken.

3)      Cook until chicken is done, salt and pepper to taste.

4)      In two other separate pans, steam string beans with water and brocollini with some olive oil, and one clove minced garlic in each, cook until done.

5)      Add salt & pepper to taste, and a dab of Paleo Butter to the string beans.

6)      For the toast, toast Paleo Bread to your liking, and top with Paleo Butter when complete.

7)      I added a sprinkle of Paleo Powder to my chicken when it was complete.

Prep Time:

• 5 minutes

Cook Time:

• 30 minutes


• 2-4

Another great dinner that was made that much better because of the even better almond Paleo Bread!  Not to discard the Paleo Butter and Paleo Powder, as they both played an important role in this meal.  We really enjoyed the new almond Paleo Bread, it had a little extra flavor, a nicer overall texture, and I am looking forward to recreating some of my favorite meals and sandwiches all over to see how they taste!  Make sure you check out and load up your cart with some great products like these to keep you and your family healthy and sticking to the Paleo lifestyle!  When you try the new almond Paleo Bread, please let me know your thoughts on it.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised, just like I was!  And while you are scoping out that incredible and oh so convenient “Paleo section” at Julian Bakery, make sure you grab some other fine products to help you make your Primal meals happen!  Thanks for checking us out, and I hope you check back soon for more delicious and super healthy meals via Primal4Life and Julian Bakery!

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